How To Achieve Migraine Relief Staying Active

by | Feb 17, 2018

Human brains are terrible at focusing on more than one thing at a time. Distractions split our attention and focus disrupting our ability to complete tasks. This is true during a migraine as well. There are countless studies confirming distractions negative impact on productivity and our ability to get things done. For instance, smartphones distract and kill productivity, and multitasking does not exist.


Distraction Can be Good?!

Conversely, distraction can be a positive if used to one’s advantage.

If the brain is only good at focusing on one thing at a time then why not distract our minds away from the negative? Why not distract our minds away from migraine pain and symptoms?

If you are having a migraine one of the most effective ways to manage the symptoms and pain are to distract the mind. If a migraine sufferers attention and focus is on anything other than their pain and symptoms they will experience relief. Migraineurs should focus on anything besides what is going on inside their head.


How To Distract Yourself During a Migraine

Distractions during a migrainous episode can be in the form of reading, writing, listening, talking, watching, participating, and actively doing… anything. So long as the mind is busy and focused on any stimulation other than the intense pain being thrust upon it.

Activity of any kind is notorious for exacerbating the migraines symptoms. Thus, it is counterintuitive to do anything while you have a migraine to alleviate a migraine. Even so, it is living Through Migraine™ that is most effective in escaping from a migraine. The path out of a migraine is doing Through Migraine.


Backed by Science

Scientific studies confirm subjects can reduce pain by distracting themselves with other activities.

One scientific study at the McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada concentrated their efforts on how attention and emotion influence pain. Within their article, they confirm: “A number of reports show that pain is perceived as less intense when individuals are distracted from the pain (e.g. Bushnell et al., 1999; Levine et al., 1982; Miron et al., 1989; Rode et al., 2001). In many studies, distraction is achieved by requiring the subject to attend to another sensory modality, such as a visual, auditory, or tactile stimulus.”


You’ve Used Distraction Methods Since You Were a Kid

Ever skin your knee or bump your head as a child? Then some adult picked you up and distracted you with a stuffed animal, dog, bird, bottle, ice cream, anything. You stopped crying and went about your fun. That is distraction from pain in its purest form.

Why do we stop practicing distraction as we get older if distraction from pain is so effective? Or do we? Alcohol, drugs, sex, TV, iPhones, and video games all serve as distractions or diversions to our pain, both physical and emotional and we distract ourselves all day long.

Distracting a migraineur is no different than these examples. What it takes is awareness and a new set of skills. For example, responding to migraines with intentional practice of diversion versus a habitual retreat.


Normal Pain vs. Migraine Pain

Migraines are so strong, so intense we have programmed ourselves to respond to its excruciating pain by retreating and recoiling. It makes sense; it is a normal human defense mechanism to respond to pain in this way, for normal or acute pain. Such as a major injury, a severe cut or physical blow to the body. Your brain uses pain to warn you of danger.

You feel pain, you pull back, you curl up, seek shelter; protect your injury and yourself until you heal.

Migraine pain is different. It is relentless and bombarding. There is no injury, nothing to heal. Pain may last days, weeks, months or years. Migraine pain does not act as a warning system, it is migraine auras that act as a warning system, which are often followed by extreme pain. (There are extreme cases and the far end of the spectrum excluded such as hemiplegic migraines, migraines with a severe complication such as seizure, severe vestibular migraine, uncontrollable nausea, and many more, etc.) While the pain or severe disconmfort may not subside, there is no injury preventing us from moving forward.

A migraine is a different disease delivering pain in unique and devastating ways. Our response to migraine pain requires a reexamination in kind.


Responding to Migraine with Diversion

The next time you experience migraines reconsider disengaging from the world. Enjoying family and friends, working, and staying with hobbies are essential to distraction from a migraine. Activity during pain distracts pain away. Engaging with the world around us during a migraine frees us from migraines.

Walk towards the pain of a migraine that has kept you down for so long. It is more than possible to use pain to bring you the things that migraines have taken from you: Relationships, social life, jobs, hobbies, reliability, and predictability – living!


The Power of Diversion

Diversion methods are powerful tools to combat migraines. Diversion guides you Through Migraine when you are most vulnerable, and elevates you during the most difficult times. In the end, you will be more productive and live a more fulfilling life.

While there is no cure for migraines, there are two ways to approach a life with migraines:

1. Give in to the disease. Let it consume you. Let it control you. Believe you can’t and let your life slip away.
2. Fight for your life. Do everything you can to live, for those that rely on you and love you. Not in spite of migraines; Because of migraines.

Do you fall into category number 2? Are willing to do anything it takes to live? If you’re ready to stop:

  • Missing life’s important events
  • Canceling plans with your friends
  • Calling out sick to work because of migraine

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Either way, health be with you. Never Stop Moving

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