Are Migraines Zapping Your Productivity?

by | Apr 14, 2018

Do Migraines Destroy Your Productivity and Ability to Get Things Done?


What kind of question is that: “Are migraines zapping my productivity?”

Migraines shred productivity and leave life in disarray. This is a more accurate statement for most migraineurs.

Productivity falls off the edge of a cliff when a migraine attack begins. There are days when I have trouble functioning on all cylinders. With regards to cognition and the physical, I am inefficient. Everything slows down to a crawl. What should take 1 or 2 hours takes 3 or 4.

I know many migraineurs who have shared their productivity struggles at work, such as:

  • If I’m at work and a migraine strikes I know that I’m not working as hard as I usually do because all you think about is the pain.
  • When I try to work with a migraine, I’m worthless.
  • Don’t get nearly as much done as I would like.
  • Don’t think clearly. It is hard to concentrate at work due to the intense pain and hypersensitivity to light and sound.
  • Do little to no work while technically being at work.
  • Ultimately I slow down at work, or I have to leave early, if I go in at all.
  • I’ve missed two days of work this week alone.
  • I find it so hard to concentrate, which frustrates me to no end.

Unproductivity due to migraines does not end at work. Productivity is lost at home as well. For example, many migraineurs have said:

  • I can’t clean my house.
  • I can’t take care of my pets.
  • Everything is neglected until the pain goes away.
  • I have a backup of laundry and dishes on a daily basis that ends up getting done by somebody else.
  • Housework is hard to do most days.
  • I can’t get things done around the house that need to be done; household chores, cook, clean.
  • I know I am letting my family down.

If you connect with any of these statements of migraine unproductivity, you are not alone.

Migraines suck the life out of you. They are a productivity killer. Migraines are responsible for 36 million days of bed rest, and 21.5 million days of restricted activity each year.

Limiting productivity to getting things done at work or home only tells part of the story. What of having a productive social life? Being there for friends and family counts too. What about canceling appointments or missing important events all due to migraine?

All migraineurs can agree, migraines limit productivity in all facets of their lives.


Would You Do Anything It Takes?


But what if there was another way to think about migraines. A different perspective that drives productivity upward, would you?

Would you do anything it takes to break free of the Herculean grip migraine has on you?  

What if migraines were your fuel to get things done? Such as:

  • Be present with friends and family.
  • Productive at work and home.
  • Get back to the person you always have been
  • Recapture your self identity

Migraine can be the catalyst to drive productivity. Not for productivity sake, but because focused and intentional work displaces migraine pain and symptoms.  The path out of migraine is Through Migraine™. Referred to as Diversion Methodologies, which stand on the pillar of activeness.

The more migraines you have, the more you need to stay active to suppress migraines. The more you work or engage in your life or the people you love, the more productive you are.  

This is a paradox, which is mind bending and can be hard to comprehend at first. So let’s break it down…


You Have Diversion Experience


Think of a time when you had an unbearable migraine. Where the migraine stormed your body. Pressurized your face. Knocked out your vision. Blew out half your skull. It felt like a gaping wound on one side of your head was wide open. You would swear if you saw yourself in the mirror you’d see your skull and brain exposed.

What remained was a relentless pounding and thumping; inescapable nausea that made it hard to stay upright.

That kind of migraine. You had to get out of there, wherever there was.

But you couldn’t leave to retreat and curl up in the ball you dreamed of. You had to remain because people were relying on you.

It could have been a critical meeting at work. You might have needed to put a meal on the table for your family or your spouse was relying on you to get something done. Could have been you had no other way to get home except, you.

Whatever the situation, it was of the utmost importance that you remain involved. So you did what you had to do no matter how you suffered. No matter how sick you were. Somehow, you manage to be there and get it done for your job, your family and loved ones.

As migraineurs, we have all been in this situation at one point or another.

For a short time we stick it out and stick it to our migraines.

The reward for this extra effort, whether we realize it or not, is no pain. The payoff for rising above the moment is our migraine disappears, for a time.

This short period of time we take the emphasis off the debilitating migraine symptoms and we focus with deep commitment on what must get done. We end up pain free. Did you realize that? Your hole in the head was less intense for a little bit there? The pressure in the face eased up, or you forgot about it. You stood upright and you did not vomit.

Have you ever asked yourself how you did it that time? Or all the times in the past you experienced these situations?


Where Did All That Intense Pain Go?


Living with this urgency is the Divergence Methodology in practice. Where activeness blocks migraine pain and symptoms from the consciousness. Migraine gets shoved into the back of the mind. Right where you want it. So you aren’t thinking about it. Out of sight, out of migraine.

You see the human mind is only good at focusing on one task at a time. This includes pain. Staying busy and engaged with an activity displaces migraine pain and its symptoms. This is true whether your pain is mental or physical. Whether you are engaging with an activity in a mental or physical capacity.

By focusing on an intentional task pain becomes secondary. Any task will do. It can be as important as ones working career or as simple as wrapping a string around a finger. Examples include: Cleaning the dishes, tidying up a desk or cleaning out the garage. Reading a book, engaging in conversation, walking with purpose, meditating, paying the bills, writing, or sorting the mail is all “intentional work.” Absolutely anything can divert your minds attention away from what your body is experiencing, as long as you are focusing and concentrating on the activity deeply.

In 2005 a research study on How Does Distraction Work In The Management Of Pain? by the Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Auckland stated that “The process of distraction appears to involve competition for attention between a highly salient sensation (pain) and consciously directed focus on some other information processing activity.” It continues “…there is enough clear evidence from a number of studies to conclude that distraction is able to reduce the pain experience.” And that “Individual differences in interests and abilities may determine the best distractor for an individual.”

Big takeaway: Distraction reduces pain. Each individual must find their best distraction.


Paradigm Shift To Activity And Engagement


Presence keeps migraines out of focus. The more present you are, the less migraine drags you down. The payoff: Productivity skyrockets in all areas of your life. The more meaningful work one does, the less migraine infiltrates the mind.

Attending important events is necessary to keep migraine unfocused. Explore hobbies to keep migraines in the back of the mind. Stay social with friends and family to keep migraine pain and symptoms buried.


Productivity And Results Are Tangible And Measurable


Productivity and results are tangible and measurable against migraine days. Here is minimal example:

Diverting your attention to a productive activity during a migraine for 30 minutes a day, you will increase your productivity by 2%. If you divert your attention for 15 migraines a month (a chronic migraineur) that will add up to 7.5 hours a month or 90 hours per year, which equals 3.75 productivity days gained per year. This is just the start for you. Think of what happens when you build up strength and tolerance and have 2, 4 and 8 hours a day diverting migraine pain and symptoms.

“I can’t” is no longer apart of the vocabulary. “Through” drives us forward as our new side effect free medication.


Make Your Migraines Productive


I encourage you to break free of your current paradigm where retreating and / or accepting what migraine is serving you is acceptable.

When you feel a migraine, the most debilitating pain, know that it can be distracted with the life you miss. With the events you want to attend. The job you want to contribute to. The hobbies you get excited about. And the people you love. Get back to it all. Use your pain as your catalyst to achieve because of migraine, not in spite of it.

Responding to migraines in a positive, active manner versus a habitual, reactive response is not easy. Once embraced, diversion methods will lead to a more productive and fulfilling life. Blocking pain without additional medication is a reality. No side effects.

But this is not for everyone. If your migraines have too much of a hold on you and you are stuck in “I can’t,” Through Migraine is not for you.

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Either way, health be with you and Never Stop Moving

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