Migraines Impact Everything

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar? You’re fed up with migraine medications that make you sicker than the migraine itself; you’re tired of guessing the right time to take your triptans or managing the number of migraine busting meds you have left this month; and your migraines are responsible for one or all of these areas of your life:


  • Missing out on important life events
  • Strained relationships
  • Force you to cancel plans with friends and loved ones
  • Call out sick or leave work early
  • Migraine stigma – discrimination at work and / or socially
  • Low productivity at home and / or work

You want your life, relationships, and success back. You’re willing to fight for what is important to you so you can thrive again. You’re willing to do anything it takes to live a productive and fulfilling life. You’re ready to live like the migraine warrior you know you are deep down inside so that you can improve yours and the lives of everyone around you.

That is the way I felt too!

That migraine was infiltrating nearly every aspect of my life, in the most negative way. And no matter what I was prescribed, diet I tried or doctor I saw, nothing had a positive impact on my migraine condition.


As each year passed, a little more of me died.


Hobbies have slipped, friends have disappeared, I’m less social, I can’t drink alcohol because of my migraines, or go to sporting events or concerts, and consistently exercising has become a struggle. The downward spiral never seems to end.

Feeling Hopeless

I don’t know about you but I’ve grown tired of:


  • Waiting for migraines to end
  • Waiting for a cure
  • Living in fear of the next migraine attack that will come at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Being judged by your family, friends, coworkers, doctors and even the insurance companies
  • When you retreat to a dark room you’re wrong
  • When you try to push through a migraine you’re wrong, those close to you look at you as if “you’re fine.”


If any of this sounds familiar, I’ve been there too.

The Turning Point

Most of this is in the rearview mirror now. My turnaround came when I realized there were times that I was able to thrive no matter how debilitating my migraines were. This self-awareness was slow and took time. It was not obvious to me at first and I really had no idea what I was doing to keep my migraines at bay.


It took time to recognize within myself why some days I was able to operate normally in excruciating pain, while other days I wasn’t. As I became more self aware, I started to practice my own techniques, which was to stay busy when I was in pain. The more pain the busier I would become. From morning till night I would work and read and exercise and stay engaged with the world no matter how much pain I was feeling. As time went on, the busier I stayed, the above issues started to dissolve on their own.


This was a slow, evolving process. After all, until I was 27 I thought everyone’s headaches consisted of their brains crashing into their skulls when they moved just a little bit. I never knew what a migraine was. And it was not until I was in my mid 30’s that I started to learn about how others would cope with migraines. For it was at this time that I started to have organized auras and ultimately a hemiplegic migraine.


It was after these events that I started to research and read about migraine, a lot. I discovered what others were going through. I started to understand how they would cope with migraines. What their approach was, which was vastly different than mine. Which got me thinking more deeply about how I was coping with migraine. I started to organize my thoughts more. My awareness was raised. I started to consider bringing my ideas to the community. But my ideas were still just that, ideas. At that point, what I was doing to successfully cope with migraine was more subconscious and automatic. I only knew that staying active during migraine was having a very positive effect on the negative symptoms I was experiencing.


Fast forward to the last few years where I have been working diligently on documenting and organizing these methods, mental models and frameworks for how I live with migraine. To respond to migraine by living which results in a productive and fulfilling life, as opposed to allowing migraine to get the best of you, and take everything from you. My research, which has included talking to many migraineurs, has led to uncovering scientific studies, which back the methods I have innately employed since I was young.


My goal is to share these methods with you, so you can live a better migraine life. I’ve called it Through Migraine™. Where the only way out of a migraine is by living presently through your migraine.

Can I Help You Do the Same?

After battling migraines for 40 years, I have learned that productivity, personal and professional achievement and engagement with friends and loved ones can excel, Through Migraine, because of migraine; not in spite of it.


If I can help just one migraine sufferer live a better, more productive, fulfilling life, because of their migraines, all of my efforts here will be worthwhile.


If you have any questions or comments at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, successes and failures.


Never stop moving,


Jason Frasca
Through Migraine